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Uganda Safari

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Of course, you’ve heard about African safaris and seen photos of tourists looking glamorous on a Uganda safari, Yes,  Uganda as described as the Pearl of Africa, Richly endowed by its her unrivalled Beautiful landscapes, the thrilling Source of the Nile, the Savannah dwellers and the thriving Culture, this surely is the home of any African safari. This is where the classical idea of the wildlife safari was born and evolved. Uganda outshines all other safari destinations in all adventurous Safari Activities, but, in addition, it remains a superb destination for an original traditional safari either by a Safari vehicle or by boat cruise, thanks to its lush habitats and the spectacular variety of species that are all around year visible. For those in search of something fresh and vibrant, At Lakeside tours and travel, we will be privileged to take you down the mantle of a Uganda Safari

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