Queen Elizabeth National park

Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth National park is a world natural eco-reserve regarded as a UNESCO world heritage site, it is Uganda’s second largest national protected area first gazette in 1952, as Kazinga channel national park, it was renamed  Queen Elizabeth national park following the Queen of England Visit to the park, the area covers a total space of approximately 1978 square kilometers. Hosts Uganda, the highest count of bird species, of the 1000 birds in Uganda, 606 kinds have been recorded in the ecosystem, part of the park straddles the Equator, it stands at a higher altitude, and sometimes it feels like the sky is very close.

The park is evident with volcanic action in the past years, the presence of the crater lakes dotted all over the park, the filled lakes George and Edward in southwest boundaries have had an impact on the tourism industry, the connecting Kazinga Channel is a collection of Hippos and other wild animals, the Kyambura gorge seems a world of its own within the Queen Elizabeth national park, the long gorge hosts Quite a number of Primates and is popular for the Chimpanzee,  it is the only place to see tree climbing Lions in Uganda along the southern corridor of Ishasha.

Queen Elizabeth national park boasts a specific Diversity, most of the park areas are covered by water, thickets, rain forest, swamps, and the savannah grasslands, this has provided a wide range of habitats for animal species, at least 90 mammal types,606 birds recorded some of Which are endemic to the destination, presents are insects, amphibians and reptiles.  The park is famous for tree climbing lions, Chimpanzee tracking is done in the Kyambura gorge, guided nature walks in the Maramagambo forest, boat cruise along the Kazinga channel, and birds of the park along the Mweya peninsular and Katwe. Clients to Queen Elizabeth national park have the chance to view African elephants, African buffaloes, hippos, Nile crocodiles, tree climbing lions, and antelopes of several species, it is a diehard place for birders, most common species include the Egyptian goose, spur-winged plover, African fish eagle, pied kingfisher, lesser and greater flamingos, African skimmers.

The presence of the attractions, mammal species, and birds, habitats present an opportunity to do Game drives, these are usually conducted along the Northern Kasenyi plains in search of wildlife, they can be done in the morning and in the afternoon, drives are done using 4×4 wheel car drives with an open pop roof to enable beautiful sights of animals in the park. Boat cruise along the Kazinga channel, the stream connects Lake George and Edward, it has the highest population of hippos in Uganda, there are lovely sights of the several animal species gathering around the channel for drinking water and greener pastures, the park is a paradise of birds, birding is the park is fruitful as in a day you will get to see many birds of the park. Tracking chimpanzee in the Kyambura gorge begins in the morning time.

Queen Elizabeth national park is situated in the western part of Uganda approximately 433 square kilometers from Kampala, by road, it can be accessed from Mbarara or Kasese. There is available accommodation in the national park ranging from the best budget to luxury. These facilities offer accommodation for travelers and food.  Tracking Chimpanzee in Kyambura Gorge requires to have a permit from the Uganda wildlife authority,

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