Tanzania Safaris

Awaken to the call of birds in the Ngorongoro Crater, or perhaps to the first rays of the sun streaking across the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro as the day begins. On Lakeside Tours and Travels Ltd Tanzania safari tours, these are just some of the timeless sights and sounds that you can expect to hear in the Serengeti as each exciting day begins.

In a safari, you can discover your destination’s countless wonders through the expert guidance of the continent’s finest guides. Lakeside Tours and Travels Ltd takes you to the core of the action on a Tanzania safari, whether you are able to catch the endangered black rhino grazing quietly throughout the land, or you are able to see thousands of wildebeests and zebra thundering through plains during the Great Migration.

With Lakeside Tours and Travels Ltd., you will be able to scale Africa’s highest summit, Mount Kilimanjaro, while experiencing the extraordinary biodiversity along its most scenic route. There are many safari parks available in Tanzania, such as the vast Serengeti National Park, the stunning Ngorongoro Crater, and the wildlife-rich Tarangire National Park, which offers a diverse range of Tanzania safari experiences.

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