Tanzania National Park

A vast majority of Tanzania’s total land area is covered by national parks and conservation areas, which include savannah areas, mountains, forests and lakes that make up almost a third of the country’s total area. Tanzania has a number of protected areas, which are managed by the Tanzania National Park Authority and the local communities, some of these protected areas include: Game Reserves, Forest Reserves, Marine parks and National Parks. As one of Tanzania’s best National Parks, Serengeti National Park houses a high concentration of animals, birds, insects, shrubs as well as other historical sights and museums that make this a very special place.

There are 16 national parks and 3 game reserves situated across the country of Tanzania. They are spread both in the southern, western, as well as northern regions of the country so that the attractions are well balanced across the country.

Several times over the years, Tanzania has been voted as the best tourism destination not just in Africa but also around the world. This has been because of the hard work and dedication of the local community and the Tanzania National Park Authority in fighting other illegal killings of animals in the park, allowing the local communities to become involved in the parks and conservation efforts, for example, animals are peacefully co-existing with humans in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

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