Lake Mburo national park


Lake Mburo National Park is well know for the impala though it has a vast population of wildlife ranging from zebra, eland, buffalo, oribi,deffasa water back, leopard ,hyena, hippo, reed back
Lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Lake Mburo national park Uganda is the only park closest to the capital city of Uganda Kampala, it is the second smallest park covering an area space of approximately 370 square kilometers, it is a convenient destination for visitors who would like to visit the Uganda wildlife in a short time like a day or two, sights of the Jumpy antelopes dotted all over the conservation area are a wonder in the wild, the underlined of the park is posed with Precambrian metamorphic rocks above which is vast vegetation which acts as a habitat for a number of plant and animal species, 20 % of the park composition is wetlands, lakes, rivers, and swamps.

The park is comprised of different habitats, ranging from seasonal and permanent swamps, forests, rivers, and lakes, dry savannah, Rocky outcrops, thickets, and hills, it contains much woodland mostly due to the lack of elephants to clear vegetation of the park, it is the smallest of all Savanah parks in Uganda, despite its size it harbors a lot of wildlife, the sights seen while on Uganda safari are rewarding, expect to see, African buffaloes, Roth child’s giraffes, Topi, elands,  impala, waterbucks, Klipspringer, African hunting dogs, giant forest hogs, roan antelopes, Elands, present in the park include over 300 bird species, for example, the  African fin foot, shoebill, Mosque swallow, black-bellied bustard, African wattle plover, Ruppel’s long-tailed starling, sacred ibis, southern red bishop, red-necked spurfowl.

Game drives in Lake Mburo national park will give you a good experience of the African wilderness, you will find quite a good number of wild animals, they are scheduled to take place in the morning and evening times, this is a time when the animals are active, the activity is the highlight of Visiting the park, Night game drives are done in search of Nocturnal species, especially the cat family.  The drives are best enjoyed in the morning at 8:00 am, afternoon time at 2:00 pm, and in the evening at 6:00 pm East African time.

Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Game drives in Lake Mburo N.P

Horseback riding in Lake Mburo national park has brought the like of the ecosystem, it gets you close to wildlife than being in a safari car, this is the best and only place in the wilderness to do the horseback riding safari, its quiet while in the wilderness, the activity begins at the Mihingo lodge, anyone can participate because even beginners are trained. It takes 2 or 4 hours depending on the Visitor’s ability to ride, the horseback riding is done in two sessions, one in the morning and one afternoon beginning at 10 am and 2 pm east African time respectively.

A boat cruise along Lake Mburo is a great way to spend an afternoon, or morning, you will have splendid sights of the surrounding park areas, and the cool breeze from the lake, this is the only conservation area with a beautiful lake within the protected area, there is plenty of opportunities to view some animals, Hippos, and warthog, including water birds. Other activities of the national park include guided nature walks, and visiting the Igongo cultural center for an opportunity to indulge in the western culture of the people of Mbarara.

The park has easy road access situated along the Masaka-Mbarara highway, it is approximately 253 square kilometers from Kampala to Ruwonyo by road. Accommodation is dotted within the national park and neighboring Mbarara city. Trips to the destination can be combined together with those of the Uganda gorilla Safaris and Uganda Chimpanzee safaris, despite the park suffering a lot of human and animal conflicts, there has been an increased animal population, and the Uganda wildlife authority relocated the Roth child giraffes to the ecosystem and a number of other species.

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