What to do when a gorilla charges

What to do when a gorilla charges; Though most of the tourists from worldwide and together with the locals come to carry out gorilla trekking safari from different safari destinations that is Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo to sight the mountain gorillas in their habitats. The gorillas are the largest primates and they are known as the peaceful, calm that gives you the basic conditions to sight them on an African safari. After spotting these primates they offer you the fascinating safari experience when you spend time with the gorillas on the gorilla tours.

How do the gorillas charge?

In the mountain gorillas like the silverbacks they charge after thumping its chest many times, this is where it grunting loudly and it releases too strong odor that people from 26 yards can smell it, away from the location, with so loud noise and these can keep throwing the vegetation to you. And if you sense this just know that the gorilla is super angry.

Due to the fact that the gorillas are very strong and fast, that is in case they feel insecure they cannot get scared even to protect their members. The silverback leading the group can be present to attack any intruder. And in case the silverback shines at you, you can be the one to protect yourself and prevent yourself from being damaged, with the following ways that you can do to prevent yourself from being damaged from the gorilla,

Following gorilla trekking guide lines.

Before carrying out the gorilla trekking they normally give you the rules and regulations to follow during the gorilla trekking by the experienced guides, then after you can be given by the armed ranger. These are the trained and well professional people that understand the behaviors of the gorilla families, hence can tell the trekkers at any point of gorilla behavioral change. All what you when need to do when carrying out gorilla trekking safari is following the ranger’s guidelines and to keep in your group while trekking gorillas.

Walk steadily.

You are advised to keep confident and incase of the gorilla charges never run away from it, but what you need to do is to walk slowly as you flee the scene. When it happens and you run way the gorilla will run after you at a high speed specifically to hurt you even until death because to them it’s like you can be scaring them.

Crouch Down.

When a gorilla charges, it usually stands on its hind limbs that scares. What you can do is to bend low and make yourself small to a gorilla, this is done in order not to show a gorilla as you’re challenging it and here it cannot fight you.

What to do when a gorilla charges

What to do when a gorilla charges

Studying how gorillas behaves.

An angry gorilla thumps the ground, throw vegetation at you at the same time making loud noise. And even can come to you and hold your hand. For you what you need to do is to stay calm and don’t make any sound but act as your grooming it, and this will relax them at the same time their grip will be loose.

Pretend to be an Ape.

At times when the gorilla charges, and if one wants to survive you blend in, as you can pretend to be an ape yourself. And when the charges gorilla reaches you, then you act as an ape by pretending to eat some vegetation as you look up or away by dodging eye contact and easily this will show a gorilla that you are part of them.

Avoid the eye contact.

When you are carrying out gorilla trekking, never try to make an eye contact with a gorilla, as if it happens this will be an immediate of a challenge with a gorilla. What you need to do is looking away or keeping the eyes in the trees up in order not to act as a threat to them.

Keep a distance away from the gorillas.

Trekkers are advised to stay away 7 meters from the gorillas. As you know that the gorillas are wild animals you are not advised to stay close to the gorillas, unless they come to you themselves especially the young ones as they like playing.

There are other guidelines to follow during gorilla trekking that are given to you during the briefing. These ensures the safety of the trekkers and gorillas in the forest as they includes,

Avoid flashlight cameras.

Do not go for gorilla trekking when you are sick.

Do not feed the gorilla.

Do not litter in the park.

Keeping in your groups and avoid walking alone in the jungle.

Being calm, quite in the one hour with the gorillas.

Where to trek the gorillas.

On your African safari the endangered mountain gorillas are located in the Virunga Massif in three countries that is Uganda in Mgahinga Gorilla national park, Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park and Virunga national park in democratic Republic of Congo. Though Uganda has another home of diverse numbers of the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park. And Congo has another safari destination that has subspecies known as the eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega national park.

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