Shoebill Spots in Uganda

Shoebill Spots in Uganda: Uganda is naturally blessed with various bird species and these are majorly found on the shores of lakes and in swampy areas. The shoebill is one of the various bird species in Uganda which make Uganda birding safari to be amazing, especially bird lovers.

The shoebill is also called the king whale-head due to its huge head size. This was named after its shoe-like bill which grows up to 24cm in length and 20cm width. These stand quietly on floating vegetation while looking for food besides their heavy weight.

There are various shoebill spots in Uganda and these include Murchison falls national park, queen Elizabeth national park in the Ishasha sector, swamps on lake Victoria such as Makanaga,Mabamba among others, semiliki national park, Uganda wildlife education center,lwera swamp and kyabakuza,lake Mburo national park among others.

Semliki National Park

Semuliki national park is well known for birding activity and thus the name bird haven in Uganda. It has over 400 bird species and gives an opportunity to view different birds on a Uganda Birding safari. The shoebill stork is spotted on the river and a guide can give adequate information about the stork and other birds.

Lake Albert delta In Murchison Falls National Park

The shoebill can be observed along the Albert delta in Murchison falls national park. The chances to view the shoebill are high basically in January up to march. The park has a lot of birds and these can be viewed during game drives, boat cruises on the delta, and the bottom of the falls among others.

Mabamba Swamp

The swamp is mostly known for the shoebill stork in Uganda and also taken as the biggest wetland on Lake Victoria. The bird can be spotted in the morning or evening while using a motorized boat or canoe ride. The tourists can view other birds besides the shoe bill stork.

Ishasha Sector

Shoebill Spots in Uganda

Shoebill Spots in Uganda

The shoebill can also be seen in Queen Elizabeth national park around the swamps on the shores of lake Edward. The shoe-bill can be observed alongside the climbing lions in Ishasha.

Lake Mburo National Park

On the shores of lake Mburo national park is where the shoebill can be observed while on a boat cruise. with the help of a guide, the tourist can get to identify various birds and the shoe bill in particular. Lake Mburo national park is known for having very many birds and hence recommended for those who like and interested in birding as well as wildlife.

Lwera Swamp And Kyabakuza Swamp

These swamps occasionally have the shoebill stork and its by chance for one to spot them. The swamps are found on the way to various national parks in western Uganda. While on the way the tour guide can stop around and try to view the shoebill stork.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center (Zoo)

In the zoo tourists are capable of viewing the shoebill any time of the day throughout the whole year. Since the zoo is near the airport it takes just 10minutes to reach the place and thus proceed to the next destination.

The shoebill stork are amazing and unique birds that most travelers would want to see while on their Uganda safaris to. Uganda now has the biggest population of the shoebill stork in the region and mostly around swamps, lakes and rivers.

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