Nyero Rock Paintings

Nyero Rock Paintings : These paintings are majorly located in kumi district in eastern Uganda. A Uganda Safari Tour to Nyero Rock painting is part of the Kidepo valley National Park Experience. The paintings are taken to be among the crucial rock art in Uganda’s history. These were first documented in 1913 and purported by researchers as largely geometric nature. The paintings portray a red pigment spreading across east, central and parts of southern Africa.

According to late stone age, this art is attributed to the Extinct Batwa Clan who are of the pygmy origin, it’s said that the twa hunter-gatherers once lived in the rock art sites, but due to the arrival of the present inhabitants that is to say the nilotics, luo and bantu group.

Culturally, the nyero rock paintings are believed to have been divine place of the gods. The red and white paintings are taken to be beneficial to the people especially the iteso but the paintings are also taken to be mysterious because the painters are not yet known.

The teso people offered sacrifices and paid offerings to their gods on issues concerning rain, misfortune, blessings and childbearing. This was done on nyero 3. Clan and individual prayers were done on a seasonal basis.

However, in 1970 the government of that time stopped hem from conducting those prayers. Traces of smoke from such sacrifices are still seen in some caves.

The nyero rock art site has six shelters and these are categorized into nyero 1,2,3,4,5 and 6


This is referred to as a small rock shelter which was formed by a low overhanging the rocks perched above three supportive rocks. At the outer edge of overhang are 6 sets of aligned circles in white together with other paintings in acacia pods shape.


This taken to be the main shelter which was formed by the breaking away of the huge boulder. The overhang protects the paintings from direct rainfall and sunshine as well

These paintings are made in shades of red, aligned circles which are the main form and more than 40 mismatched drawings were identified. A large acacia pod design which was called a canoe.

Nyero Rock Paintings

Nyero Rock Paintings

The small cavity known as the ‘pocket’ was being used by the people to offer gifts to their gods after receiving help from the ancestral spirits.


This rock is located at the far north end of the inselberg few meters from nyero 2.

The rock was formed by a large boulder perched on top of supporting rocks with no standing room. Tourists have to bend down to reach the far end where another artificial wall makes it less dangerous and allows a wider view of the land below

The nyero rock painting consists of white aligned circles which are surrounded by double curved designs where the double lines are also divided into smaller chambers.


  The nyero 4 is a small shelter which is located on the south western sides of the hill were a few traces of red finger-painted aligned circles, two conical shapes and lines are found.


This is found on the western side of the hill and has a red geometric motif composed of circular and linear shapes which are made of a brush and a finger. Sadly, part of it has been destroyed by natural water erosion.


This is found high on top of the hill and has traces of red pigment forming two finger painted outlines of small oval shapes. A slanting L-shape as well as an outlined cross with a small circle below is found there

A pointed surface exfoliating and is open to rain and morning sun

With such a structure nyero rock painting can’t miss on one’s Uganda Safari because it’s a must visit.

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