Mount Sabyinyo

Mount Sabyinyo: Mount Sabyinyo is an impressive safari destination that is shared within three countries that are located in the Virunga ranges that is Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. The word Sabyinyo is got from Kinyarwanda word meaning the ‘’old man’s teeth’’. With the mission of naming the mountain like that it’s because the mountain summits looks similar like a worn out teeth in the gum line.

Mount Sabyinyo in Rwanda is located on the northeast of Lake Kivu and the west of Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda. Mount Sabyinyo is known as the hiking safari in the Virunga ranges because this offers the travelers the magnificent views everywhere together with the addition of being situated in the adjoining national parks in the basic three countries.

Mount Sabyinyo stands on an elevation of about 3,645 meters above the sea level. Tourists who are nature lovers can experience Mount Sabyinyo through engaging in the Mount Sabyinyo hiking that takes  you about 8 hours where you get to sight the summit of three countries that is such overwhelming. In Uganda you can enjoy hiking Mount Sabyinyo and booking with the Mgahinga national park.

Mount Sabyinyo is the impressive among the Virunga ranges that gives you 3600 experience at its axis of this beautiful mountain in the western arm of the great East African rift valley that is the incredible geographical feature in the entire world. Mount Sabyinyo has three peaks and getting to explore all the peaks needs when you are super physically fit, the mountain can be only hiked from the Uganda side because of the amazing rugged nature of the terrain along the slopes with the many craters of the sharp ridges on both Rwanda and Congo.

And on the Uganda gorilla safari tour its abit tough though there are other handmade ladders that enables the hiking trekkers to use. Supporting and walking sticks are all given to the tourists during climbing/hiking safari with the wonderful rewards like forests.

On a safari on Mount Sabyinyo to carry out hiking you can be first given a briefing at the parks headquarter from the park ranger, then with the presence of the porters that are there to help you out through carrying on your luggage. Mount Sabyinyo is such an attractive destination that offers the perfect safari activities beginning with the basement on the mountain slopes that makes Uganda hiking safari awesome.

Gorilla trekking.

Mount Sabyinyo

Gorilla Trekking Tours

Uganda Gorilla trekking is the impressive safari activity that takes place in Mgahinga national park. Where the tourists explore the park’s forest to sight the mountain gorillas and once the gorillas are seen you can be given a period of one hour to be with the presence of gorillas. While watching them play, grooming, feed, playing and among others.

Golden monkey trekking.

The way how the gorilla trekking is done that’s how golden monkey trekking takes place in Mgahinga national park in the Virunga ranges. On a Uganda gorilla safari its only Mgahinga Gorilla national park that has got the colorful monkey species the golden monkeys. On your Uganda gorilla safari you can experience the golden monkeys through trekking them in their habitants.

Wildlife viewing.

Along the base of Mount Sabyinyo when carrying out hiking safari you can come across the African animal species in the different trails to the summit of the mountain like the elephants, bushbucks, buffaloes and others that offers the impressive hiking safari.

Bird watching.

Mgahinga Gorilla national park being with the presence of various inhabitants of the bird species like the forests this offers hikers with the suitable bird watching spots as this gives the tourists with chance of spotting bird species like double toothed barbet, Ruwenzori double collared sun bird, and others.

Tourists who would like to carry out hiking safari on Mount Sbyinyo are reminded to think about the most essential requirements to work upon before the safari activity like the permit for hiking Mount Sabyinyo, water proof hiking boots, garden gloves, insect repellents, long sleeved clothes, binoculars, snacks, bottled drinking water, packed lunch, hiking stick and among others.

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