Gorilla Trekking Rules And Regulations

Gorilla Trekking Rules And Regulations : Gorilla trekking rules and regulations: Gorillas are the giant of the apes that are can be sighted under the process of gorilla trekking safaris. Gorillas are spotted in African countries majorly in three safari destinations that is Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. International Union for conservation of nature classified the mountain gorillas as the endangered species.

Mountain gorillas are strong animal species with the thick fur that makes them to adopt the high altitude areas where they live. Mountain gorillas are such impressing animal species that live in the groups of about 30 members and they can be led by the a dominant gorilla called the silverback as this controls and takes care of the fellow group members. This articles bringing you the rules and regulations to take consider while carrying out gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking rules and regulations.

When carrying out gorilla trekking travelers are advised to keep a 7 meter distance in the gorillas presence to avoid the silverback directly eye contact. And thus even you are not allowed to eat or run while still in the presence of the gorillas. As this can result into the fighting where the gorilla can attack you hence causing you some injuries.

During the gorilla trekking safari the gorilla trekkers are advised to use the cameras with less flash lights, because the flash light in the cameras makes the gorillas uncomfortable and this can make a gorilla to easily fight you.

Gorilla trekking safari, the activity starts with the age verification that will be done using the passports and the right age for the individuals allowed to do gorilla trekking are those ones above the age of 15 years old. Where you get briefed about the things that you should do and the things that you should not do during the gorilla trekking. After briefing then you will be grouped in the number of eight members per group to go and trek about the given gorilla family.

Gorillas do live on the higher altitudes, which needs you to have some level of fitness according to the certain of the gorilla group that you are trekking. And this requires you to have been doing the physical exercises like jogging as this keeps you in a good body shape and this will enable you to be perfectly fit on the day of gorilla trekking. Then for the case of the disabled people they can be carried in and out of their Sedan chairs by the porters though this can be an extra cost.

Gorilla Trekking Rules And Regulations

Gorilla Trekking Rules And Regulations

Travelers affected with the communicable diseases like the TB, flue, and cough and among others are not allowed to trek the gorillas that is the gorillas are vulnerable to human diseases that can easily be transmitted to them.

During gorilla trekking do not ever run from the mountain gorilla, in case a gorilla charges at you do not run because the gorillas is so fast it can easily run after you and cause damage to you. Just when the gorilla approaches you, you must be submissive and crouch down and later it will leave you.

Gorilla trekking safari requires you to have the protective clothing like the long sleeves shirts, trousers, hiking boots, packed lunch, rain coats, binoculars, cameras and among essential requirements.

Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo safaris takes a period of 2 hours to 8 hours depending on the exact location of the gorillas, and once the gorillas are found the gorilla trekkers a period of one hour to be with the presence of the gorillas.

During gorilla trekking in case you happen to for a short or long call you advised to ask the guide to dig for you a hole of about 30 cm deep where you can dump or bury your stool when you finish.

During gorilla trekking you are not allowed to attempt or touch the gorillas.

The one hour that can be given to you while carrying out gorilla trekking, you are not advised to make the uncesserary movements in the presence of the gorillas.

In case you want to sneeze or cough you are therefore requested to turn away your head in the presence of the gorillas.

Gorilla habituation experience only four visitors are allowed to carry out the safari activity that takes you a period of four hour gorilla habituation experience.

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