How Big, Tall, Heavy And Strong Are Gorillas

Are Gorillas Dangerous to Humans

Are Gorillas Dangerous to Humans : Gorillas are known to be gentle, peaceful and friendly to humans and due to the DNA of 98.4%. Generally, these primates are known to be reserved and shy towards human beings.

The gorillas are also known to be endangered subspecies and are categorized into two that is the western critical endangered gorillas and eastern mountain gorillas. These are found in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mountain gorillas just like their name can’t be kept in enclosed places like zoo they live in the tropical montane rainforest such as Bwindi impenetrable forest in south western Uganda, Virunga Mountain of volcanoes national park of Rwanda and Virunga national park in Congo. These feed on vegetation, roots, wild celery, tree bark, fruits and shoots among others.

According to 2019 census it reports that only 1000 gorillas are remaining in the whole world where 400 individuals are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest.


When mountain gorillas feel aggressive, they tend to put out a signal or warning by threatening to incase there’s unexpected movements in their area code. The silverback which acts as the head of the family reacts by roaring. If it gets aggressive to people it will run straight up to the real victim on a terrible speed and stops one-meter Infront of the person.

Its advisable that if such an incident happens the victim should look down without fear because its not okay to fight them back. Incase the person persists and runs away the gorilla will be forced to run after them and hurt them.

Are Gorillas Dangerous to Humans

Are Gorillas Dangerous to Humans

Mountain gorillas are also a danger to themselves when the head that is the silverback wants to dominate the other families. This happens when the silver back tries to get the female gorillas in the family because generally, the males have to mate all the female gorillas in the group.

All in all, gorillas aren’t dangerous animals though need to be handled with so much care. As earlier said they only become dangerous when they sense danger  but warnings are made before attacking.


When warnings from gorillas are being made through signs like beating their chest, the person is advised to act like gorillas themselves like eating vegetables, making yourself small in front of them, tearing up something and crouching down. This makes them to calm down and not harm you.

Tourists or persons are advised not to take flash cameras or light when visiting gorillas or torching them. All those make them to feel insecure which may make the gorillas angry and end up attacking them.

People are also advised not to have direct eye contact with these gorillas or showing them your teeth inform of smiling or laughing while they are around.

Tourists or travelers should keep a maximum distance of one meter away from the gorillas or trying to touch them because they are still known as wild animals.

But still with the amazing experience of Uganda gorilla trekking  Safari can be done in Uganda at Bwindi impenetrable park, Rwanda’s volcanoes national park and Virunga national park in Congo. But one needs to be careful and take the advice serious in order to avoid colliding with the mountain gorillas.

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