Activities To Do In Lake Mburo National Park

Activities To Do In Lake Mburo National Park : Lake Mburo national park is located in the western region in Uganda in the East part of Mbarara town. This national park is one of the smallest national parks in the country covering a total surface area of about 370 square kilometres, it is elevated at an altitude between 1,220 meters and 1828 meters, and it comprises almost 20% of wetlands. Lake Mburo national park was first known as a hunting area in 1993 and in 1963, it was marked as a game reserve and it was later established as a national park in 1983. More so, tis national park is being managed by the Uganda wildlife Authority which is responsible for conserving and protecting all the wildlife species within all the national parks in the country.

Lake Mburo national park lies between the Lake Victoria and the mountains of Rwenzori.  This national park is famously known as the best destination for sport fishing activities whereby it is surrounded by fresh water bodies whereby it has around five lakes with wonderful curved landscapes, which are permanent and seasonal, savannah woodlands, and it has lush green hills. More so, these lakes contain around six different types of fish species such as; Mudfish, Tilapia, lungfish, haplochoromes among others.

Things to do while in Lake Mburo national park.

Exploring around lake Mburo national park gives tourists a good time with remarkable memories while they gain new experiences as they involve themselves in many interesting activities that are always available within the park and these include;

Game drives.

Tourists having best of their time while touring around Lake Mburo national park can opt to engage themselves either in game drive activities, which are always done during the day, which begin at 6:00am or in the night, which start at 6:00pm in tis national park. while on game drives, tourists always have great opportunities to sight see large numbers of wildlife species like; buffalos, giraffes, zebras, elands, warthogs among others. However, during the evening game drives, tourists are able to see a number of nocturnal babies such as; leopards, potto and bush babies and many others.

Activities To Do In Lake Mburo National Park

Game drives in Lake Mburo N.P

 Bird watching.

Tourists who are bird lovers can visit Lake Mburo national park since it is considered to be among the best birding destinations in Uganda due to the fact that it is a home to over 313 bird species and therefore, tourists are able to see a number of bird species like; the rare red-faced barbet, the brown parrot, the red shouldered cuckoo shrike, the emerald- spotted wood-dove and red headed love bird, Nubian woodpecker, crested francolin among others.

Hiking and guided nature walks.

Tourists in Lake Mburo national park can opt to go for guided nature walks around the park. In addition, during these guided nature walks, tourists are always accompanied with park guides or rangers whose role is to ensure the safety of the tourists and the wildlife species. And while hiking and walking, individuals always get chances to explore through the beautiful scenic view’s sites within the park such as the salt rocks where animals always gather together to lick the nutritious salt and also get opportunities to enjoy the stunning views of the five lakes that are within the surrounding in the national park.

Boat Cruise.

The boat cruise activities in Lake Mburo national park always commence from Rwonyo rest camp, which is known as a lakeside campsite, and they usually last for two hours. During the boat cruise, tourists always get opportunities to sight see animal species while on water such as; crocodiles, hippos among others. More so, they get to see other wildlife species along the lakeshores as they drink water to quench away their thirst.

Game viewing.

Lake mburo national park is the best destination for one to go to for game viewing activities because it is a home to over 69 wildlife species such as; Hyenas, African leopards, topi, Zebras, elands, buffalos, Oribi, Defasa water bucks, Hippos, antelopes, black and yellow papyrus ganalex, sitatunga among others.

More so, there other more activities that are always available for tourists to engage in during their free time as they explore through Lake Mburo national park and these other activities include; horseback riding, community visits, Nahara community tourism group, visiting the Masha community wildlife forum, Rubale fishing community among others.

Please feel free to reach out to our trusted tour operators any time if you wish to find out more about any of the activities done in the park of Lake Mburo

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