17 Strange Facts About Mountain Gorillas

17 Strange Facts About Mountain Gorillas  : Mountain gorillas are basically left to stay in their natural environment and not in the zoo and that’s how they got their name because they can’t survive in a captive environment. When one views a gorilla with their own eyes, that’s an experience they can narrate on their own. Mountain gorillas have their own personality, moods and distinctions that makes them different. Below are the facts that one needs to know about the mountain gorillas to thrill while on Uganda Gorilla Tours.

  1. Mountain gorillas are known to be the largest primates around. They weigh up to 390 pounds for males and half about 240-250 for female gorillas.
  2. Mountain gorillas can laugh when tickled and express sadness when they are hurt as well as other emotions. That is to say they have the same emotions just as humans do.
  3. The male mountain gorillas eat around 40 pounds of vegetables which is 25kilograms in a day whereas the female gorillas eat lightly lower than what the males have.
  4. The worlds total population of mountain gorillas is estimated to be around 1000 from 2019 census worldly where half of this population is found in Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda.
  5. These primates have a DNA that is kindly related to those of humans which is 98.5 percent. Its only 1.6% that separates them from humans because they can learn languages, express emotions as well as friendly to people.
  6. Mountain gorillas live in small family groups commonly known as troops. These troops usually consist of 10 individuals with either one silver back. These primates can be smaller or larger than the average but always have one dominant silver back for safety .In case the silverback dies the females have to look for another family to join. Because these are known for protection.
  1. The mountain gorillas build their nests almost daily with branches and grass. This is because they are always on a move for food.These primates build their nests in the evenings and they don’t stay in a place for a long period hence they are nomadic.
  1. Female gorillas give birth at the gestation period of 8.5 months which is roughly 2 weeks less than humans. And they produce one baby at ago and an average of 3 babies in their life time.The baby gorillas are nursed until 3years old when they can walk and feed on their own with no help from the mother.
    17 Strange Facts About Mountain Gorillas

    Facts About Mountain Gorillas

  1. Mountain gorillas life expectancy is 35 to 40 years in the wild. Just like humans, these primates also die of diseases, accidents and natural causes.
  2. Mountain gorillas rarely drink water. They hydrate from eating plants and fruits
  3. A newly born mountain gorilla weighs approximately 4.5 pounds, 17 Strange Facts About Mountain Gorillas
  4. Mountain gorillas have a bite force of 1,300 per square inch which is more than a lion or tiger which have around 1,000 PSI. gradually humans range from 150 to 200 per square inch.
  5. Mountain gorillas have dark brown eyes that are framed with a dark ring around the iris unlike humans who have many colours. But in the wild animals it’s so rare.
  6. When a mountain gorilla turns old or matures grey hair starts to come up and it starts from the back. This is in male gorillas only and at the age of 10 to 12 hence the term silver back.
  7. mountain gorillas have longer arms than their legs. This is why they walk on all four and use their knuckles of the hands hence knuckle walking. This gives them a body balance to climb trees and steep hills, 17 Strange Facts About Mountain Gorillas

  16.Mountain gorillas have no tails

  1. these primates are very intelligent. In the way that they can get to know as many languages as possible, use basic tools. Mountain gorillas can learn up to 2000 words even sign language. With such they get to interact with humans.

In conclusion there’s a lot to learn about mountain gorillas and things about them keep changing just like the way a silver back beats its chest like king Kong when angry. One can even spend days learning about gorillas which is so interesting. This makes gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda a very amazing and a wonderful experience.

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