Batwa Cutlure Experiences

Batwa cultural experience

Batwa People also known as the forest Pygimies living in Bwindi Impenetrable forest

Batwa cultural experiences are a gateway to a buoyant Uganda gorilla Safari on the countryside, Africa is not only about the scenic views and the Savannah Insights, but also the Culture and way of life, unleashes it all. With the  Batwa people are also known as the pygmies are among the first oldest tribes of Africa, they stand as the last group of short-structured humans in Uganda and are on the verge of extinction, they live in the High land areas of western Uganda around the Famous Bwindi Impenetrable national park and the foot slopes of the great Virunga mountain region of Mgahinga national park. The Batwa are said to be the original keepers of the forest because this was initially their home. They lived together with the forest creatures while each of them makes use of the plants, fruits, leaves, and everything the ancient place had to offer including caves!

Batwa survived by gathering food from the forest, and hunting small game like antelopes using nets, traps, arrows, and bows, they used to get medicinal plants to cure them of illness, however, this changed as time passed the Batwa had to be evicted from the forest due to conservation purposes and protection of the critically endangered mountain gorilla species. They continued to pass on their traditions, norms beliefs, and songs to the new generation. The Batwa of late showcase their culture to travelers through artistic performances, offering a chance to experience the tribe’s way of doing things as they used to in the old days for example how they used to light a fire without the modern match stick,

Batwa experience begins outside the park or near the park, the pygmies will give you a great insight into the forest through their eyes, besides the mountain gorilla, you will have a new side view of the magnificent impenetrable forest, and you will learn how they used the forest from the type of food they gathered and what kind of traps they used, they will showcase the medicinal plants. They will as well let you see how they used to live in caves and make grass huts which were shared as a community. They will return to perform traditional songs as they dance to them for the entertainment of the traveler. Along the trail you will be chanced to see the animals that are in this forest region, it is a reserve place from the Bwindi forest

The today Batwa live in a small house with many family members, the most are social and work on Farmlands for survival and to provide for the young ones, they have mixed up with the tribes of the park areas including the Bakiga in Kabale and Bafumbira in Kisoro district, and intermarriages in the order of the day, despite being in a poor state of living, the Batwa are hard workers, they work on farms for survival and tourist experiences for some gathered groups.

Batwa cultural experience is one of the best things to do while on a visit to the Bwindi impenetrable national park, Gorilla trekking is an adventurous activity in Bwindi it is the most sought of while planning a safari to Uganda but blending it with culture is as memorable, and lovely activity to do. The national park is situated in the southwestern corner of Uganda. It can be accessed in Uganda and from Kigali as well.


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