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About Us-Lakeside Tours and Travel

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Lakeside Tours And Travel is a fully registered company by government of Uganda with limited liability. Lakeside Tours And Travel specialize in providing personalized and reliable travel services to its customers.

ABOUT US – Lake side Tours and Travel  

We are a tours and travel company located in Uganda, operating in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, Tanzania as well as Burundi. Our team is comprised of a group of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who are capable of advising you in all aspects of safaris and variety of tours in our operational countries.  We offer safaris about our African culture, its people and history, nature, wildlife, primate tracking, car hire services and the most popular and memorable activity; Gorilla trekking carried out in Bwindi impenetrable National Park in Uganda as well as Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda.


We provide all clients with first rate flexible services in professional and personalized manner, adding real value to our services.


Care, professionalism and dedication are some of our core values that reinforce in the business approach of Mara Wild Safaris. We have established ourselves as a strong and reliable company that guarantees quality, consistency and competitive prices. Our other core values include; Innovation, customer services, community benefits as well as accessibility.


Our mission is to provide excellent services to our clients hence offering unforgettable experiences.


To offer our contribution in making Uganda one of the best tourist destination in Africa.


Lakeside Tours and Travel has got range of services that are offered to our clients and some of these include;

Gorilla trekking safaris; these are tailor made tours and customized to client’s needs. These can be organized throughout of the year.

Wildlife safaris: these are customized safaris and are organized in all national parks of east African countries; these can be booked at any time of the year

Honeymoon packages; these packages are organized for those planning to enjoy their privacy while enjoying their honey moon.

Car hire services: we do have fleet of vehicles that we offer for hire, these include land cruisers, safari vans or super customs, 4 x4 extended land cruisers, salon vehicles, and coasters. These vehicles are hired either on a full day or half day basis. The rates for car hire depend on the operational location of the vehicle.

Mountain Hiking safaris; These are organized to Rwenzori mountains, Kilimanjaro Mountain and many more depending on the needs of the traveler.

Adventure safaris: these include white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, biking safaris, nature walks, Horse riding safaris, spot fishing, Air balloon safaris, golf safaris, zip lining, quad biking, River boarding or surfing, jet boating, boat cruises, & Family float.

Bird watching tours; these are organized and customized specifically for those who love watching birds in their natural habitats and can be carried out throughout the year.

Hotel bookings; We do book hotels and lodges for clients and this is a 24-hour service at our offices. Cultural tours in Uganda; Uganda has four major traditional and well established kingdoms, these include; Buganda, Toro, Busoga and Bunyoro. The country has also got many other tribes that practice old cultures, customs and traditions including; the pygmy Batwa in Bwindi, the Banyan kole known for the long horned cattle, the Karamojong that leave in remote areas in northern Uganda. There are also many sites that tourists like including; Kasubi tombs, Uganda Martyrs shrine and many more.

Driver/ Guides & Tour leaders: We are very aware of the role a tour guide plays in our client’s holiday experience, we therefore hire the best. Our guides are well knowledgeable with the flora and fauna, history, culture, geography and many more. These also attend regular courses with USAGA (Uganda Safari Guides Association), More so we offer Spanish, German, and Japanese, french speaking guides upon request.

Sustainable Tourism

Lakeside tours and travel is so conscious of the need to protect the environment as well as valuing cultural heritage. We encourage our clients to visit the local people who live near the park so that they get to interact with them. Some of these people makes lots of handmade crafts which they sell to the tourists hence earning some money from tourism. A visit to the local community will support community based initiatives, varying from the construction of schools to the supply of clean drinking water and making of traditional handcrafts.

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