Bwindi Mountain Gorilla with her Baby in the tropical saddles of the Jungles bwindi mountain gorillas a Gorilla treks are led on a daily basis into difference sections of the forest so that trekkers can see the mountain gorillas and in so doing generate necessary funds for the protection of these endangered primates. Gorilla tracking Experience Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a large primeval forest located in south-western Uganda in the Kanungu District Bwindi forest National Park
Uganda is a known Prime Safari destination for best Gorilla tracking Safaris especially the  Gorilla Safari tours in Uganda and the Chimpanzee tracking Safari. It is best known for the unique mountain gorilla beringei. Beringei, a sub-species of the eastern gorilla, the Uganda gorilla is a special species, characterized by their fur muscular bodies, gentle brown eyes, the animal species is a herbivorous feeding on plants of the forest, fruits, mushroom, and roots, it is a rare occasion that you find them feeding on small insects like termites and small animals for a meal. Uganda gorillas live in two ecosystems Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga national park both are situated in the southwestern corner of the country. Gorillas live in families of up to 20 members led by a fully grown male alpha adult known as a silverback, baby gorillas live in the care of their parents up to the age of 2 years, Gorillas, just like any other primates as they mature they get to make their own families and groups keep breaking up while creating territories. Come experience all this with our tailored Gorilla Safari Tours in Uganda
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The Bwindi Impenetrable national park located in the southern corner of Uganda, is definitely a prime destination for an ultimate Uganda Gorilla trekking Safari. The aura of the jungle of a million wild souls features half of the world’s population of the endangered mountain gorillas, with 14 habituated mountain gorilla groups visible and open to tourism in four different sectors of Buhoma, Ruhijja, Rushaga and Nkuringo.

Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tours / Uganda Rwanda Safari features lots of delights taking on you to the pristine and yet little known Jungles of Rwanda on your Rwanda Safari Holiday. Journey with us as we showcase and indulge you the best Rwanda Safari amenities that personify these unrivaled destinations. With lots to fall in love with, Our Safari Consultants will guide you about Combining other Rwanda Safari Cuisines and wild outdoor Safari Activities like Primate Safari Experiences, Canopy walks, Wildlife Game Viewing, Long and Short Rwanda excursions

Uganda Rwanda tours / Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safaris/ gorilla safari tours generates the rhythm to tailor all Uganda gorilla tours , Rwanda gorilla tours , Uganda cultural safari, Mountain hiking safaris , Uganda wildlife safaris, Uganda Birding Safaris, Culture Safaris among others, with in mind that we are able to combine either Rwanda Safaris, Congo Safaris, Uganda Safaris, Kenya Safaris, Tanzania Safaris, together.

Gorilla Safari tours/ Gorilla trekking safaris features the best renowned destination, Bwindi impenetrable forest with over Half of the Worlds remaining population of Mountain gorillas, Most of those who opt for a gorilla trekking Safari, Choose this pristine jungle for gorilla trekking Safari in Uganda, the jungle features other primate species, and several birds. It is a popular destination area because of its resident species, the park is bisected into 4 sectors (Nkuringo, Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga) each of which has got habituated gorilla families for trekking.

Bwindi Impenetrable forest conservation area forms a continuous path of the great Virunga mountain volcanic region which is also known for the Congo gorilla trekking Safaris and the Congo chimpanzee tracking safaris, the backdrop of the mountains is as amazing as seeing the Gorilla, other species of the park include the critically endangered golden monkey, it is the only place in Uganda to find Golden monkeys.

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What you need to Know about the Jungle

Bwindi Gorilla trekking Safari

Bwindi Gorilla trekking Safari

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi is the most popular and adventurous Uganda safari activity to do, it begins at 8:00 am East African time from any of the park headquarters of the conservation area, the Uganda wildlife authority park rangers do a briefing before the actual activity, of Uganda Gorilla trekking is done in groups of eight people per gorilla family, Gorilla Safari tours Uganda / Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Safaris is proud to help you secure your Gorilla Permit before we take you for the Uganda Gorilla trek. Participants in the gorilla trekking Safari need to consider physical fitness, wear warm clothes, and bring waterproof covers for their phones and Cameras for the weather triggers anytime there is rain, it is also important to wear comfortable shoes and insect repellants.


Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

In the heart of Central Africa, so high up that you shiver more than you sweat,” wrote the eminent primatologist Dian Fossey“ are great, old volcanoes towering almost 15,000 feet, and nearly covered with rich, green rainforest – the Virungas. For our Rwanda Gorilla trekking Safari Clients, we scedule for your Rwanda Gorilla trekking Permit and take you to see Rwanda gorillas in their natural habitat, a no-doubt Jungle that never fails to impress with Stunning Insights, Encounters with Rwanda gorillas as they go about their daily lives are carefully managed, with expert trackers and guides leading small groups of about 8 to 10 trackers. As you trek towards the Old Volcanoes towering almost 15,000 feet, and nearly covered with rich, green rainforest, you be absorbed by the nature with chanting Sounds of loneliness, this is where Rwanda Gorillas reside, the Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari


Comparing gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda safari: Compare gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, or gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Compare the two gorilla safari destinations in East Africa’s gorilla tour experiences. One of the two subspecies of eastern gorillas that are recognized on the IUCN Red List and have an estimated population of 1063 people are mountain gorillas. Half of the gorilla population in the world lives in Uganda, with the other half in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

With a gorilla trekking safari, you can follow a group of habituated gorillas deep inside the dense forests of Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Parks in Uganda. Mountain gorillas are found in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, but about half of the world’s population lives in Uganda’s Bwindi forest. You can watch mountain gorillas interact with one another on a regular basis in their natural surroundings by engaging in gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda. Therefore, based on a number of criteria, one might decide whether to go on a gorilla hike in Uganda, Rwanda, or both countries.


The price of permits for mountain gorillas trekking differs between Uganda and Rwanda. The Rwanda’s gorilla permits cost 1500 USD, while Uganda’s gorilla safari is less expensive than Rwanda’s trip. This cost comparison primarily applies to out-of-town guests. As a result, tourists on a limited budget will find it simpler to select a gorilla trek in Uganda, while those who want to experience a luxury gorilla safari may go for a Rwanda gorilla trekking permit.

Two gorilla permits in Uganda cost the same as one in Rwanda, but you get an hour with the gorillas on each permit in both countries. For the same price as one gorilla ticket in Rwanda, you can hike gorillas twice in Uganda if you have two gorilla trekking permits. Unlike Uganda, where locals can get affordable permits, inhabitants in Rwanda must pay an excessive amount of money to view gorillas. Rates as per the UWA tariff for 2021–2022. East African residents pay $70, foreign residents pay $600, and foreign non-residents pay $700, for a total of UGX 250,000.


The terrain of the parks makes gorilla trekking physically demanding because it involves hiking up and down hills in search of gorillas. As a result, gorilla trekking in Rwanda is easier because the terrain is less hilly and dense than in Uganda’s Bwindi Forest, where you must be physically fit to trek through the dense forest in search of gorillas.


In comparison to Rwanda, which has 10 gorilla families, Uganda has 22 gorilla families, with 21 of those in Bwindi and one in Mgahinga. A gorilla permit is more likely to be obtained in Uganda than in Rwanda since each family receives an average of 8 daily visits, or 176 in Uganda and 80 in Rwanda. There are numerous habituated gorillas in Uganda, one of which is used for a 4-hour gorilla habituation experience. The permit for a gorilla habituation experience in Uganda costs USD 1500 and is only available for use in the Rushaga region of the southern Bwindi forest.


Accessibility (time and distance): The volcanoes’ national park in Rwanda is reachable by a well-maintained tarmac road in three hours from Kigali, the country’s capital. Consequently, it is simple to reach the park from the airport, in contrast to Uganda, where it takes a 9–10 hour journey from the main entrance at Entebbe airport to reach Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, giving you time to explore more along the route. However, a charter aircraft to Bwindi Forest is available for an additional fee. In order to track the gorillas on a short trip, someone with a tight schedule needs at least a 2 day safari in Rwanda and a 3 day tour in Uganda.


Other activities done in addition to gorilla trekking: Both nations offer additional adventure tour activities that you can book in addition to gorilla trekking. However, Rwanda only has a small selection of trip activities, such as birdwatching, golden monkey trekking, and chimpanzee tracking in the Nyungwe forest. In contrast, Uganda offers a wide range of activities that can be combined with gorilla trekking to create an exciting safari. For instance, following a gorilla climb in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and enjoying a waterfall nature walk is an incredible experience.

Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park on a safari to see the most well-known Uganda Kobs, elephants, leopards, and lions that can climb trees. Visit the charming primates that are the most like humans of any species while chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park. Visits to the world’s most powerful waterfalls in the Murchison Falls National Park, white water rafting on the Nile, boat tours of the Kazinga Channel and Lake Mburo, cultural encounters with the Batwa, and many other experiences are available in Uganda.


Accommodations and lodging: Uganda has a wide variety of accommodation alternatives in its four sectors: Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and Nkuringo. The top gorilla safari lodges are Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge, Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, and Buhoma Lodge. The four sections of the Bwindi forest each provide a variety of lodging options, from inexpensive to opulent. There are only a few resorts in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, and they are all highly priced and frequently completely booked. But depending on your budget, you can find someplace to stay the night in both nations.


Comparing gorilla trekking photography and views: In Volcanoes National Park, bamboo and short grass make up the majority of the vegetation, which allows for slightly clearer views of the gorillas and good pictures, especially in the absence of rain. In the presence of rain, the area becomes significantly foggier, making it difficult to see the gorillas or the person next to you. Being an impenetrable forest, Bwindi’s flora is so dense that, in some areas, it can be challenging to see clearly through the bushes and take better photos. Nevertheless, depending on where the gorillas are and the caliber of your camera, fantastic pictures can also be captured.


Mountain gorilla family allocations: In Uganda, permits are given out and sold according to “first come, first served,” without taking visitors’ physical fitness into account. As a result, one must be able to locate any family that has been assigned to them in any of the park’s four sectors. In Rwanda Gorilla Tours, tourists are assigned to gorilla families according to their age, physical condition, and personal preferences. For example, for frail, elderly, and less physically strong individuals, you need to request an easy-to-track group from your tour driver/guide the night before the trekking day in order to secure an easy-to-track gorilla family in Uganda.


Community development: While Rwanda only contributes 10% of the proceeds from gorilla tracking permits to community development, Uganda allocates 20% of its gorilla permit earnings to this purpose.

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